2014 Final Program

Revised FINAL Program (after flight delays)
Presentations will be available here, linked to each talk.
Hands-on materials are also downloaded from links.

4:30-5:00 Welcome and brief introduction + logistics
6:30-8:00 Dinner

11:00 am: Coffee
12:00 pm: How do we look at the universe? Light (spectrum,
intensities, magnitudes, etc.), artifacts, instrumentation, etc.
(Chris Smith and Chris Miller) 1 h.
13:30 pm -14:30pm: Lunch (Casino)
14:30 pm:  Introduction to probabilities and statistics part 1
(Matthew Graham) 1 h.
15:30 pm:  Introduction to Machine Learning Part 1 (Guillermo Cabrera) 45 m.
16:15 pm:  Introduction to probabilities and statistics part 2
(Matthew Graham) 45 m.
17:00 pm: Coffee break
17:30 pm:  Introduction to Machine Learning Part 2 (Guillermo Cabrera) 45 m.
18:15 pm:  Introduction to Image processing. (Andrew Becker) 1 h. (online link, iPython notebook)
19:15 pm: Hands-on: Machine Learning in Python (Guillermo Cabrera) 1h.  (Click on link to DOWNLOAD zip file)
20:15 pm:  Pizza
19:45 pm: Hands-on: Statistical Modeling in Python (Chris Miller) 30 m. (Click on link to DOWNLOAD zip file)
21:15 pm: End-of-day

08:30 am:  Introduction to Sub-mm/Radio Interferometry (Sebastian Perez) 1
09:30 am:  Introduction to Image Pipelines (Andy Becker) 1 h. (online link, iPython notebook)
10:30 am: Coffee break
11:00 am: Introduction to Time Series (Pavlos Protopapas) 1 h. (intro talk, online link, iPython notebook)
12:00 pm: Introduction to HPC. (Juan-Carlos Maureira) 1 h.
13:00 pm: Hands-on: Image Synthesis with CASA (Sebastian Perez) 30 m. (click to DOWNLOAD zip from Dropbox)
13:30 -14:30 pm: Lunch (Casino)
14:30 pm: Introduction to Databases (Mauro San Martin) 1 h.
15:30 pm: Introduction to Astronomical Archives (Chris Miller) 30m
16:00 pm: Introduction to the VO (Amelia Bayo)
17:00 pm: Coffee Break
17:30 pm: Hands-on: Time series (Protopapas / Estevez / Becker) 45 m.
18:15 pm: Hands-on: HPC for Astronomy(Chris Miller & Guillermo Cabrera) 45 m. 
Guillermo's hands-on Presentation and exercise/zip file
Chris' hands-on exercise/zip file
19:00 pm: Hand out books
19:15 pm: End-of-day

08:30 am: Project Descriptions: 1h.
09:30 pm: Hands-on: Image Display: Aladin (Rodolfo Barbá) 30 m.
10:00 pm: Hands-on: Image Analysis:  SExtractor/ PSFex (Andy Becker) 30 m. (online link, iPython notebook)
10:30 am: Hands-on: Data Access via the V.O. (Amelia Bayo) 30 m.
11:00 am: Hands-on: Data Query via CasJobs (Chris Miller) 30 m.
11:30 am: Coffee and Project and group coordination
12:45 pm: Departure from AURA Campus to Cerro Tololo and Gemini Telescopes
(Sandwiches and beverage during the bus trip)
2:30 pm Arrival Cerro Pachon
3:00-4:00 pm: Tour Gemini
4:00- 4:30 pm: To Cerro Tololo
5:00 pm–6:00 pm: Dinner in Tololo Casino
6:00-8:30 pm: Tour Tololo and stargazing
8:30 pm: Return to La Serena
9:45 pm: Arrival to AURA Campus.

09:30 am: Work on projects (Casino)
10:30 am: Coffee
11:00 am: Work on projects (Casino)
13:00-14:00: Lunch
14:00 pm: Special Session (AURA Lecture Hall)
15:00 pm: Work on projects (Casino)
19:00 pm: End of day

08:30 am: Work on projects (Casino)
10:30 am: Coffee
11:00 am: Work on projects (Casino)
13:00-14:00: Lunch
14:00 pm: Special Session (AURA Lecture Hall)
15:00 pm: Work on projects (Casino)5:30 pm: Van from AURA Campus to the beach or downtown
7:00 pm: Van from downtown or the beach to Bakulic restaurant
7:30 pm: School dinner
10:00 pm: End of day.

08:30 - 13:00: Work on projects
(10:30 - 11:00: Coffee)
13:00 -14:00: Lunch
14:00 - 16:30: Group Project Discussion (Casino)
19:25: Fly to Santiago.
20:25 pm: Santiago Airport to Hotel.

8:30 am: From Hotel to Universidad de Chile
10:00 am: Characterizing the variable sky with the Catalina Real-time Transient Survey (Matthew Graham, Caltech / VAO)
10:20 am: Flexible and Scalable Methods for Time-Series Characterization (Andrew Becker, U. Of Washington)
10:40 am: HIgh cadence transient Survey (HITS): real-time detection of supernovae and other transients with DECam (Francisco Förster, U. Chile)
11:00 am: Classifying Galaxy Morphology using the Sersic Light Profile (Chris Miller / Guillermo Cabrera, U. Michigan / U. Chile)
11:20 am: Serendipitous Discoveries in the Era of Large Astronomical Datasets (Pavlos Protopapas, Harvard)
11:40 am: Periodic variable star discrimination using advanced signal processing and machine learning methods (Pablo Huijse, U. Chile)
12:00 am: Sparse representations for image synthesis (Pablo Román, U. Chile)
12:20 am: VOSA: lessons learned (Amelia Bayo, U. Valparaiso)

12:40 am: Lunch Break     

14:30 am: Student Projects Overview          
16:30 am: Closing Remarks    
18:00 am: Bus leaves to airport


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