2014 La Serena School for Data Science

Welcome to the 2014 La Serena School of Data Science.  Here you'll find information about our 2014 program, including the important dates, registration information, specific content for this year's program, and other relevant details.  Our 1-page poster is available for distribution or posting on departmental bulletin boards.
Important Dates

  • Program Announcement: January 2014
  • Registration Opens: 21 March 2014
  • Registration Deadline: 21 April 2014
  • Program Dates: 15-22 August 2014 

Registration is now closed for the school.  All accepted students have been notified.  This year's program includes 37 students from Chile, the U.S., and several other countries. 

Registration Fees and Scholarships
There will be a registration fee of approximately [$600 US Dollars] per student for our 2014 program.  The registration fee covers lodging and most meals (all breakfasts, coffees, and lunches, as well as at least two dinners), transportation within La Serena, and the materials that will be provided at the School.  

However, thanks to funding from the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) as well as the Millennium Institute of Astrophysics (MAS) and CONICYT in Chile, most students selected from the U.S. and Chile will receive full scholarships. Full Scholarships will cover the registration and also transportation to and from the school (including international flights to Chile for the U.S. students).  The scholarship application is part of the registration form, so students should be sure to identify their residency and/or citizenship and fill out the appropriate scholarship information on the registration form.
Registration Information

Program Outline
The 2014 program is being developed, but topics to be covered include:

  • Image Processing
  • Statistics for use in Astronomy
  • Astronomical Databases
  • Virtual Observatory
  • High Performance Computing
  • Machine Learning
  • Time Series


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