2019 Final project presentations

Notice: this page is under construction.

These are (most of) the final projects developed by the students in the school

- Group Red and Random - Project title: Analysis of United Nations Food Sheets to Understand Changes in Diets in the World - Jonathan Davis, Mackarena Garrido, Kayla Mitchell, and Fabián Villena - Advisor: Dr. Jocelyn Dunstan. - PDF

- Group Avocado - Project title: Gamma Ray Reconstruction using Supervised Machine Learning - Carlos Olmos de Aguilera, Carolina Cenzano, Vera Del Favero, and Yasmeen Asali - Advisor: Dr. Mauricio Araya - PPTX
- Group Astro Pineaples - Project title: Deep Learning for Identifying Mitosis - Keefe Kamp, Edgar Ortiz, Daniela Ruz y Kaitlyn Shin - Advisor: Dr. Mauricio Cerda - PDF

- Group J-WST - Project title: Summarizing ZTF alerts - Jackie Blaum, Jesse Han, Yessica Herrera, Jorge Anais - Advisor: Dr. Juan Carlos Maureira - PDF

- Group Classify Me <3 - Project title: Astronomical Time Series Classification - Erin Aadland, Sean Gilligan, Bernardita Ried, Camilo Gómez - Advisor: Dr. Francisco Förster - PPTX

- Group BEAM - Project title: Searching for the EM Signature of BH Mergers  Using Machine Learning - Erik Mauricio Astorga, Marwah Roussi, Maria Belen del Valle Coello, Ana Carolina Posses Nascimento - Advisor: Dr. Matthew Graham - PPTX

- Group A Super Fancy Iguana - Project title: Planetary Disk Direct Imaging - Ilija Medan, Aliza Gray Beverage, Felipe Andrés González Pizarro, Sangeetha Ambuga Nandakumar 0 Advisor: Dr. Amelia Bayo - PDF


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