2018 Languages, Packages, & Software

The main software requirements for the school are fairly minimal, although you may find yourself adding extra stuff as the week progresses for specific tasks that you might want to try out. If at all possible, you should try to install the following items prior to the start of the school.  The installation should be a fairly painless process - just go to the given URL and download the appropriate item for your operating system. Most are standalone packages that will then put the various software components where they need to be without any more input from you than a possible administrator or system password. The exception is Sextractor, for which you will have to follow the build instructions included with it.
 If you only have limited time available before the first day of the School then just try and install the Anaconda distribution. The rest can be added on the first day.

> Anaconda Python distribution: https://www.anaconda.com/download (Python 3.6)
Install the following packages using conda or pip: numpy, scipy, pandas, matplotlib, seaborn, scikit-learn, astropy,
For example: conda install numpy or pip install numpy
If you already have Anaconda, you should just create a new conda environment.

> psycopg2 (PostgreSQL database adapter for python, should be available through conda or pip: http://initd.org/psycopg/ , https://anaconda.org/anaconda/psycopg2)

> R. It can be downloaded from www.r-project.org. 
 R comes with an IDE for Mac and Windows, but some prefer RStudio, and this would be especially helpful for UNIX platforms. 

 If you have issues with installing any of these then please contact one of us:

Matthew Graham: mjg@caltech.edu
Guillermo Damke: gjdamke@aura-astronomy.org
Amelia Bayo: amelia.bayo@uv.cl
We look forward to seeing you at the school!


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