Program 2013

Amelia Bayo (ESO/MPIA, Spain)
Rodolfo Barba (U. de La Serena)
Guillermo Cabrera (U. de Chile/CMM)
Matthew Graham (California Institute of Technology/VAO)
Chris Miller (U. of Michigan)

School Program (Tentative)
Monday, August 12
Morning: Astronomical Data Acquisition
Afternoon: Introduction to Probability & Statistics

Tuesday, August 13
Morning: Tools for Data Science, part 1
Afternoon: Tools for Data Science, part 2
Event Dinner

Wednesday, August 14
Morning: Applied Statistics
Afternoon: Work on Projects

Thursday, August 15
Tour of Cerro Tololo & possibly Cerro Pachón

Friday, August 16
Morning: Project Presentations, Advanced Topics
Afternoon: Advanced Topics, Closing Remarks


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