2022 Final Program

Core Faculty

Matthew Graham (MG) (Caltech) - Co-Chair
Amelia Bayo (AB) (ESO) - Co-Chair
Mauricio Cerda (MC) (U. de Chile) - Co-Chair
Niharika Sravan (NS) (Caltech)
Francisco Forster (FF) (CMM/U. de Chile, MAS)
Mauro San Martin (MSM) (U. de La Serena)
Paula Sánchez (PS) (ESO)


The following schedule lists the synchronous sessions only.
We expect the daily load to be equivalent to a full work day.
The faculty will be available synchronously for 3:00 hours everyday, starting at the times below. However, the virtual rooms will be open for the full day, so that you can work in groups.

5:00pm  - GMT+2 - Germany
12:00pm - GMT-3 - Argentina
11:00am - GMT-4 - Chilean & EDT
10:00am - GMT-5 - Ecuador & CDT
9:00am - GMT-6 - MDT
8:00am - GMT-7 - MST & PDT

Mon Aug 1
Welcome & brief introduction
Intro to Data Science - AB
Software Carpentry - AB
- Break -
Statistics I - MG
Statistics II - MG
(Project Intro - MG)

Tues Aug 2
Databases I - MSM
Databases II - MSM
- Break -
Computing Infrastructure - MG

Wed Aug 3:
Intro to ML - NS
Supervised ML I - NS
- Break -
Supervised ML II - NS
Trees, forests, boosting, and bagging - FF

Thurs Aug 4:
Deep Learning I - PS
Deep Learning II - PS
- Break -
Unsupervised ML: visualization, dimensionality reduction, clustering - FF

Fri Aug 5:
Gaussian Processes - AB
Image Processing  - MC
- Break -
Natural Language Processing - MC
Time Series - MG

Mon Aug 8 – Wed Aug 10:
Group project work
Group reports
* It is likely that more synchronous time will be required. However, these extra time will be scheduled with your group, TA and group instructor.

Thu Aug 11 – Fri Aug 12:
Group project presentations

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